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'less bigger than the least begin' by queenklu - ever wondered what happened to the other 'help' who Harold recruited before he came across John Reese? John/Harold.
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'DTRT' by Croik - Finch turns. He sees the barrel of a gun and his brain goes completely white. Reese's body crashes into his, broad and powerful and shoving him up against the glass of a storefront window. The gun fires and he can't breathe. Screams echo down the streets, almost drowning out Bear's vicious barking and a rush of fleeing footsteps. He can smell the gunshot residue, but then it's masked by Reese's breath close to his face as he asks, his voice an urgent rasp, "Are you hit?" Gen.
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'A Really Private Person' by astolat - when The Machine gives them a number that turns out to lead to a comet heading for Earth, Harold is forced to put aside his various identities and get involved, regardless of the possible consequences. Harold/John.
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'Pseudoprime' by manic_intent - At first, Harold sleeps with Mr. Reese because the Machine tells him to. Harold/John.
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'Point of a Pistol' by Giddygeek - Root has returned to take what she considers to be hers and John has no intention of letting that happen, no matter what it takes. Harold/John.
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'The Great Friendship Caper' by galaxysoup - after his number keeps coming up, Finch decides that what Leon Tao really needs is some positive influences. Unfortunately what he has to hand to implement this particular plan is John Reese. Gen.
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'She Kisses Harder Than You' by [ profile] scripted_sra - Root gives him an almost sympathetic look. “It must be so hard for you, being so loyal, so willing, and your master’s just...indifferent.” John/Root - non-con; Harold/John.
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'Employment Benefits' by astolat - He didn't make sense; he hadn't made sense from the beginning. Not like Reese. Reese was someone she knew: not a brother, but the fucking annoying third cousin who always showed up for Thanksgiving. Harold/John, Harold/John/Sam, Harold/Sam.
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'Better Luck This Time' by Lizstful - in which Carter gets fed up with being John's confidant when it comes to his feelings for Finch. Harold/John.
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'Outsider Perspective' by neery - I love this show, but haven't really found much fic that I love as much, so I'm not really sure how many fics I'll be reccing. Anyway, this is an amnesia fic, which pretty much always works for me; both our protagonists have no idea who they are and watching them fit the pieces together (not always correctly) is an entertaining and ultimately angsty experience. Harold/John.


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