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2016-01-20 05:42 pm

'the long game' series - Avengers etc. (Steve/Bucky, Steve/Bucky/Sam)

'the long game' series by dirtybinary - three stories so far, an AU which starts with Steve attempting to trade himself to the Russians in 1945 in exchange for Bucky, only for them to decide to keep both supersoldiers. Steve/Bucky, Steve/Bucky/Sam
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2015-12-12 08:30 pm
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'The Silver Age' series - Avengers etc. (eventual Bucky/Tony)

'The Silver Age' series by copperbadge - an AU take on the events of various Marvel movies.

In this particular universe, the Winter Soldier is captured by SHIELD in 1960 after a failed asssassination attempt involving Howard and Maria Stark. Their son was born earlier than the current movie version and gets involved with a certain supersoldier, leading to eventual Bucky/Tony. The first story, 'The Soldier and the Hurricane' is the best of the three in my opinion, but the other two are also quite enjoyable and allow the introduction of other characters and the eventual location of Captain America.
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2015-10-04 09:18 pm

The 'Reciprocity' series - Avengers etc. (Steve/Bucky)

The 'Reciprocity' series by osprey_archer - I feel as though I've been a bit remiss in not reccing this series before now, but it kind of got away from me. Anyway, in short, Bucky has been found and the decision is made that he should join SHIELD. He is decidedly not 'fixed' in any way and things get worse before they get better. Not a series anyone should read if they're a fan of Phil Coulson and/or think the idea of rebuilding SHIELD after the discovery of Hydra was a good idea. Steve/Bucky (and don't forget to read the warnings as we go...)
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2015-10-04 09:12 pm
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'Stumble in the Debris' - Avengers etc. (Bucky/Sam)

'Stumble in the Debris' by wintergrey - The light catches Sam full in the face but just before it leaves him seeing dancing spots against the dark, he sees the man in the corner. The silver arm and red star—no one else out of seven billion people has that arm. The Winter Soldier is slumped in a chair in Sam’s living room, too-long hair trailing across his face like the bars of a cage through which Sam glimpses the feverish glitter of his blue eyes and the grim white flash of his grin. Bucky/Sam.
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2015-09-13 02:45 pm

'we travel without seatbelts on' - Avengers etc. x Veronica Mars (gen)

'We travel without seatbelts on' by victoria_p - instead of joining the FBI, Veronica Mars is recruited by SHIELD and ends up going back to Neptune after the truth is revealed about HYDRA. She's not the only one who ends up there. Gen.
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2015-08-23 03:57 pm
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'Exchange Rate' - Avengers etc. (Sam/Bucky)

'Exchange Rate' by freshbakedlady - because what he remembers most about Sam Wilson during the fight on the helicarriers is effectively ripping his wings off, a recovering Bucky is convinced he's done to Sam what was done to Bucky by Hydra. So the best thing he can do to make amends is give Sam the chance of revenge, right? Sam/Bucky.
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2015-08-23 03:54 pm

'AKA the Greater New York Area PTSD Support Group' - Avengers etc. (multiple pairings)

'AKA the Greater New York Area PTSD Support Group' by triedunture - recovering the Winter Soldier was the easy part, now to try and get back Bucky Barnes. Steve/Bucky, Sam/Steve, Sam/Steve/Bucky.
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2015-07-13 07:50 pm

'Just Stay Alive' - Avengers etc. (multiple pairings)

'Just Stay Alive' by Dira Sudis - a series of three stories, as the Winter Soldier tries to become more like he thinks Bucky was, also exercising what the author calls 'love through surveillance'. Steve/Bucky, Sam/Bucky, Sam/Steve, Sam/Steve/Bucky.
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2015-07-13 07:42 pm

'Winter's Children' - Avengers etc. (Steve/Bucky)

'Winter's Children' by neery - I'm not a big fan of kidfic, because most of it I find unrealistic in terms of child development or a calculated attempt to use a plot moppet for emotional purposes. This story subverts my usual attitude, as the Winter Soldier finds out that Hydra have been trying to recreate the super soldier formula by starting with the same raw material and moving onwards. Steve/Bucky.
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2015-03-23 09:31 am

'Rain and Darkness Too' - Avengers etc. (Steve/Bucky)

'Rain and Darkness Too' by jamesina - another great fic about Bucky making the transition from being the Winter Soldier to whatever-he-is-now. Steve/Bucky.
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2015-03-08 12:26 pm

'as the crooked smiles fade' - Avengers etc. (Steve/Bucky)

'as the crooked smiles fade' by millerette - in which we follow Sam, Steve and Bucky on their murder trip around Europe in the wake of Captain America: Winter Soldier. Steve/Bucky.
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2015-02-18 03:37 pm

'through smoke, solid ground' - Avengers etc. (Steve/Bucky)

'through smoke, solid ground' by magdaliny - I've been reading a lot of Steve/Bucky since Captain America: Winter Soldier aired last year, so anything that I rec has to be above the common herd. And this is even more so, since I don't really go for stories told in the second person, but this is exceptionally good. Steve/Bucky.
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2015-01-25 10:09 pm

'Memory' - Avengers etc. (Steve/Bucky)

'Memory' by emilyenrose - I think it'd be fair to say that since Captain America: Winter Soldier came out, I have read a fair few Steve/Bucky fics. I particularly liked this one, where Steve is negotiating his relationship with a man who is, who cannot ever be by reason of the things he has experienced, the man he used to know. Steve/Bucky.
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2014-11-18 04:20 pm

'Life of Crime' - Avengers etc. (various)

'Life of Crime' by neveralarch - It's really hard to run through Boston when you're carrying a quiver on your back, a bow in one hand, and a huge bag of money in the other. Still, Clint's doing fine—he's had a ton of practice, after all. He's never going to win any Olympic medals (for, okay, lots of reasons), but he's fast enough for a guy on foot. Various, m/m and m/f (see notes).
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2014-07-20 03:22 pm
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'Hollow and Honeycomb' - Avengers etc. (gen)

'Hollow and Honeycomb' by antistar_e - Several years before Sam was born, a Supreme Court ruling decided that those who carried and visibly expressed a hereditary winged trait could not be mutilated, amputated, or otherwise altered without their consent, nor could they be discriminated against for housing, employment, etc. based on their possession of wings. Gen.
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2014-07-20 02:38 pm

'On Your Way Up to the Light' - Avengers etc. (Steve/Sam, Bucky/Sam)

'On Your Way Up to the Light' by Dira Sudis - In order to be Bucky, he had to learn who Bucky was. His first instinct was to gather intel via surveillance, but that would mean observing himself, which would only be holding a mirror up to an empty mirror. Bucky wasn't supposed to be emptiness all the way down--Bucky had a name and a friend--so he would have to fill in the information some other way. Steve/Sam, Bucky/Sam.
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2014-07-20 02:36 pm
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'Closing the Circuit' - Avengers etc. (gen)

'Closing the Circuit' by AlchemyAlice - a nicely-written version of what could happen after the events of Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Iron Man 3, which will probably get Jossed to hell but who cares? Gen.
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2014-05-04 10:55 pm

'Parallel Constructions' - Avengers etc. (Steve/Bucky)

'Parallel Constructions' by freshbakedlady - Sam comes into his own home with deliberately loud steps, and smooth, slow movements, and forced cheer. “If we’re having a slumber party, I'm gonna need to stock up on pizza and beer.” He shoots Steve a look that says he would prefer it to be tequila and more tequila. Steve/Bucky.
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2014-05-04 10:47 pm
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'And The Reasons We Were Singing' - Avengers etc. (Steve/Sam)

'And The Reasons We Were Singing' by impertinence - In the end, they don’t find Bucky. They’re in Phoenix, chasing a lead Natasha sent them on a guy seen lurking around a senator, when Bucky finds them. Just shows up in the room they’re renting one day, like it’s normal for a guy in a coat too heavy for a Phoenix summer to break into a Holiday Inn room. Steve/Sam.
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2014-04-13 11:03 pm

'persistence of memory' - Avengers etc. (various)

'persistence of memory' by hollimichelle - It’s a nondescript sort of a Wednesday morning when the Winter Soldier walks into SHIELD headquarters, bold as brass, and announces his intention to surrender. As he drops to his knees, hands behind his head, and is swarmed by heavily armed agents, he does consider for a moment whether this was the best idea he’s ever had. Not Cap2 compliant. Steve/Bucky, Natasha/Bucky, Steve/Natasha/Bucky, Steve/Natasha.