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For me, at least, it's been interesting to see how what I'm reading has evolved over the past couple of years - to see an indication of this, just hit the 'administrivia' tag and you'll get an idea.

Anyway, for folks who're coming across this blog for whatever reason, it would be fair to say that you're more likely to find recs of short pro-fic in the SFF genre than anything else (and by short, I mean up to novella, so there's a degree of crossover with my main book blog as there are some novellas reviewed on there). I'm horribly behind, though, so I'm making a concerted effort to catch up with the output of various online sources (e.g. Clarkesworld, Lightspeed, Uncanny and Beneath Ceaseless Skies, among others).

I'm still reading fanfic, but not to the extent that I was previously. It also takes something phenomenally good or which just pushes all my buttons in order to get an appearance on here, especially in MCU now I've read a shedload of that. That's just how it is, I'm afraid. There are also no new fandoms for me for a while now, so if you're looking for something related to anything more recent than shows which have been airing for a while or recently finished, you're likely to be out of luck.

As for the future? Who knows?
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I just updated the user profile for this account to include the fact I've been posting a lot of original/profic of the SFF genre in recent time. I've read so much good stuff that I don't see that changing any time soon - I'll probably go back and tag the SFF stuff accordingly.

However, I noticed when I updated my profile that it links to a list of what I'm reading/not reading etc. from 2006. A lot of water has flowed under the fannish bridge since then, in more ways than one, so I thought maybe I should do a new page about what is likely to appear here in case anyone is interested except me.

What you'll find here (as of February 2015):

  • Stuff set in the extended Avengers universe - various pairings and gen
  • Pro short stories/novelettes/novellas published online in the SFF genre

    Other fandoms which make an occasional appearance may include:

    Person of Interest, Master and Commander and The Eagle, as well as anything else cool and well-written that pops up in a rec list somewhere and is in a fandom I know/like.

    I hate to admit it but it's unlikely I'll be reccing much Man from UNCLE any time soon. That's not because I've fallen out of love with the show, or that I'm pouting over the impending movie, but just that I am so far behind in terms of what's being written it's no longer funny. Seriously, I will probably never catch up, so anything turning up here is only likely to do so because someone has recced it to me.
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    It's been a while since I last updated here, so for the 3 people who actually read this, just a reassurance that I am still avidly reading fic (gods know how many millions of words I must have read by now, since I joined fandom!), still mostly MCU to be perfectly honest though I am far from an OTP-er in that particular fandom.

    I have a few things to rec, but I have gone from the honeymoon phase in MCU to the more picky phase which always occurs in reading any fandom. So, anything turning up here from now on is likely to be better than the average bear. Well, at least I think so.


    Jan. 17th, 2011 10:24 pm
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    So, that hiatus was a little longer than I anticipated... how did it get to be two and a half years since I last updated?

    There's good and bad news - the bad news is that I need to go through all the links on my recs site because I have no idea how long it is since they last got checked, the good news is that I have plenty of new stuff to rec, mostly from fandoms that didn't even exist last time I posted! Inquiring minds might like to know that includes Sherlock Holmes (the movie), Sherlock (the TV series) and White Collar, though there's also likely to be stuff from more familiar fandoms as well...
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    I know it's been a while since I last updated and I promise I'll get right on that. However, with all the Livejournal shenanigans, I'm finding that a number of the stories I'd wanted to rec have now been locked down as friends-only, which makes things a little more long-winded as I have to track down alternate postings. And who knows, perhaps I'll get TOSed as well, for linking to stuff that involves as many penises as there are people? ;)

    Anyway, watch this space for more recs, and this time they're not all Harry Potter!

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    What you'll find here:

    Lots of Harry Potter. No surprises there! I'm heavy on the Snape, though, so don't expect to see too many stories where he doesn't figure prominently. There will be, however, no stories where any Malfoy has sex. Unlike my recs on [ profile] hp_for_grownups there may be stories where one of the protagonists is under 18 but over the UK age of consent.

    I'm also currently reading quite a lot of Due South, though I've gone off first person narrative in a big way since I got into that fandom, so don't expect too much of that. My pairing of choice is Fraser/Ray K. so it's unlikely you'll see anything other than that making an appearance...

    Recs for the following fandoms - Man from UNCLE, Stargate SG-1, Sentinel, Buffy (various slash pairings - see my recs page for details), Angel (ditto), original fiction (gen and slash).

    What may appear occasionally (and that may be very occasionally):

    Fic from the following fandoms, if I think it's good enough or if someone actually writes something new that's worth reading - Numb3rs (gen or selected slash pairings), Supernatural (gen), CSI, Without a Trace, LA Confidential, Master and Commander, X Files, Real Ghostbusters, Once a Thief.

    What you definitely won't find here:

    Any Harry Potter fic that involves any Malfoy having sex, except peripherally or in the past.

    Fic from the following fandoms - Stargate: Atlantis, Highlander, Firefly and probably some others I can't think of at the moment.

    Stories where a major character I like dies and stays dead. Incest fic, rps or rpf, 'domestic discipline'. I also doubt there'll be very much het fic because I just don't read fandoms where I find the concept at all interesting...

    All of the above is, of course, subject to change without notice... ;)


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