May. 4th, 2014

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'Bright Mouths' by ladysisyphus - As the whisky burned the back of his back of his throat, he could finally start to convince himself that it had been nothing more than his imagination that had spooked him in the boardroom. Mot was an unusual-looking man, to be sure, but Tenzjin had seen many unusual things since he'd come to the mainland, and none of them had turned out to be inexplicable. There were things that looked like the creatures the superstitious called demons, in the way children saw animals in summer clouds, but there were no demons; there were human vendettas and sworn vengeance, but there were no such things as curses. There was a rational explanation for everything in the world. M/M.
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'And The Reasons We Were Singing' by impertinence - In the end, they don’t find Bucky. They’re in Phoenix, chasing a lead Natasha sent them on a guy seen lurking around a senator, when Bucky finds them. Just shows up in the room they’re renting one day, like it’s normal for a guy in a coat too heavy for a Phoenix summer to break into a Holiday Inn room. Steve/Sam.
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'The White Hare' by bunn - Marcus Flavius Aquila returns to Isca Dumnoniorum, where an old friend talks him into taking an unusual job. Before long he finds himself deep in trouble... Gen.
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'Parallel Constructions' by freshbakedlady - Sam comes into his own home with deliberately loud steps, and smooth, slow movements, and forced cheer. “If we’re having a slumber party, I'm gonna need to stock up on pizza and beer.” He shoots Steve a look that says he would prefer it to be tequila and more tequila. Steve/Bucky.


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