Aug. 18th, 2013

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'DTRT' by Croik - Finch turns. He sees the barrel of a gun and his brain goes completely white. Reese's body crashes into his, broad and powerful and shoving him up against the glass of a storefront window. The gun fires and he can't breathe. Screams echo down the streets, almost drowning out Bear's vicious barking and a rush of fleeing footsteps. He can smell the gunshot residue, but then it's masked by Reese's breath close to his face as he asks, his voice an urgent rasp, "Are you hit?" Gen.
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'Why Then Oh Why Can't I? by ladyblahblah - “Well, I'm glad to provide you with some amusement,” Steve says wryly, lifting his beer in a self-deprecating salute. “I didn't even know places like that existed. That is.” His cheeks are heating up again, and he silently curses his fair skin. “I knew there were men who . . . I mean, there always were, even back . . . then. But now there are places like that, and everybody knows about them, even.” He takes a drink. “And you say the world hasn't changed that much.” Steve/Bucky.
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'Descry' by Moiraine - Marcus is injured in battle and his men buy him a slave to help him recover; this Esca is not the man we know from the source material but someone much more damaged by his experiences. Marcus/Esca.


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